The Appalachian Trail Standing Indian Loop: Six years of photos

About 25 miles long, this high elevation southern mountain ridgewalk may be the most perfect LOOP (for us weekend warriors, at least) on the entire Appalachian Trail, a linear trail from Georgia to Maine (USA).

I’ve been able to hike and photograph this Nantahala National Forest (North Carolina) beauty four times: November 2010; February 2013; November 2013; June 2016.

Walk with me through time and seasons and let’s explore together!

On the AT circa 1923. The original Albert Mountain firetower.  A Nantahala National Forest Ranger (left) and the builder of the cabin/firetower (right).



Into the Ultralight

Huntington State Park, CT circa 1998: my favorite local park in high school to mountain bike/trailrun/hike.

Somehow, someway I was introduced to the outdoors around the time I entered high school in Newtown, CT around 1997.  I had not grown up camping or hiking, but distinctly remember seeing a North Face catalog with one of their yellow mountaineering tents precariously perched on a snowy ledge.

That’s what I wanted to do.