March 2018 Standing Indian Loop Gear Review

This is the gear review from this photo blog.

I used this gear list (click for itemized list on Lighterpack website)

Since my gear reviews are cumulative, I’ll make some notes from this trip:

Homemade “Ray Way” tarp- I’m continually impressed with this tarp, the 2nd one I’ve sewn.

It kept my dry during the rainy, gusty night and also provided a great clothesline (as always) for my socks and spandex shorts to dry.

Homemade porch hammock as clothesline (from left to right): red rainjacket; blue wind jacket; black/grey synthetic puffy; black windpants; yellow sleeping pad.  Fluorescent orange (below yellow pad) is my homemade quit stuff sack


Water bottle– the Smartwater one liter bottle (from a grocery store for $2) is a great backpacking water bottle.  It easily fits in a backpack side pocket; is easy to drink from while walking (narrow mouth); and feels nice to hold (I can walk with my bottle in my hands for quite a while).  I personally think it looks a little nicer in the backcountry with the label removed (goo gone and some elbow grease).

Aqua Mira– while I continue to bring small dropper bottles (10cc size each) refilled with Aqua Mira’s Part A and B (and also bring along a 3cc black dropper bottle, upon the advice of Mike Clelland), I continue to drink my water untreated (a practice I cannot recommend).

3cc dropper bottle with eyeglasses cleaner– what would I do without a little lens cleaner and toilet paper to clean my nasty glasses?!  It’s the worst/most expendable item in my gear until its the best/most appreciated, on every trip.

SPF 25 chapstick– pretty good.  I’m still experimenting with my sun/skin care items.  This trip I brought a new chapstick to use on my lips and face and a sunhat (discussed below), but still was pretty wind-chapped by the end.


Blue windshirt (pictured above)– still one of my most favorite gear items.  It’s always the first layer to go on.  It was worn on this trip for most of my night hiking, and then for the majority of the next day in the rain/wet/cold.

Sunhat– really enjoyed having this very lightweight and protective hat with me.  It provided great shade on the leafless ridges and also kept rain off my glasses. This was my first trip with hat, but definitely not my last.

On the clothesline (left to right): homemade white tarp; homemade blue/green sleeping quilt; grey/black bug bivy; clear polycro ground cloth