Lost and Found: my weekend on the 60 mile “Georgia Loop”

For years I’ve wanted to walk the 60 mile “Georgia Loop” formed by the Appalachian, Benton MacKaye, and Duncan Ridge Trails.

It was only recently that I got the bright idea to do it all in 2.5 days of hiking.

Let’s hike (and get lost) together!

Woody Gap was my starting and ending point for the hike.  September 2016. The older woman that took this photo joked that I probably thought she was too old to know what an iphone was!



Summer Fun and Future Projects

In the midst of trying to keep up with my Appalachian Trail photos, I’ve thankfully continued to have a busy summer outside.

With hints of yellow starting to show in some trees, I cannot help but think about cool weather and fall backpacking!

View from St. Simons Lighthouse pier. St. Simons Island, Georgia. July 2016.


Into the Ultralight

Huntington State Park, CT circa 1998: my favorite local park in high school to mountain bike/trailrun/hike.

Somehow, someway I was introduced to the outdoors around the time I entered high school in Newtown, CT around 1997.  I had not grown up camping or hiking, but distinctly remember seeing a North Face catalog with one of their yellow mountaineering tents precariously perched on a snowy ledge.

That’s what I wanted to do.