The Nantahala Loop: 58 miles (in 48 hours) on the Appalachian and Bartram Trails

“The Appalachian Trail’s original concept proposed in 1921 was to preserve the Appalachian crests by developing a great trail traversing it’s length so as to allow city workers to revitalize themselves and escape the mechanization of modern society. The dream was to create a footpath of wonder and tranquility.”

– sign on Wayah Bald along the Nantahala Loop, Appalachian Trail, North Carolina, USA

Starting/ending at the Nantahala Outdoor Center heading south on the Appalachian Trail to Wayah Bald, then heading north on the Bartram Trail to Cheoah Bald.  Day 1 pink- 4pm to 10pm (12 miles). Day 2 red- 7:30am-5pm (26 miles). Day 3- 7am- 3pm (20 miles).

Sunset on the Appalachian Trail ascending Wesser Bald.

Slept in past the alarm (watch was muffled by clothing layers and a sleeping quilt) and woke with the sunrise.  Get up and get walking!  See Gear Review for the trip here.

Sunrise ascending Wayah Bald, above the clouds.

Old crunchy snow on the cold sides of the mountain.  Dylan is ready for his Pacific Crest Trail thru-hike in 2019!

Dylan on Wayah Bald, 5,342 feet.

Bartram Trail roadwalk in a dry county?!  Well then. Give me a Red Bull and a Moon Pie, good sir!  Gear Review for trip here.

Passing through Appletree Campground and its idyllic aesthetic. Wanted to stay but I have miles to go before I sleep!

I love the Bartram Trail’s mix of “town and country.”  Standing behind me is a water tank that the trail passes by on its way to a very scenic gravel roadwalk.

The Mighty Nantahala River.

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